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I'm pulling back the curtain on the male mind. Ladies feel free to ask me any questions that you may have and I will give you an honest male opinion. I'll give you all kinds of little bits of knowledge that guys don't want you to know. Anything from relationship advice to reasons your significant other is acting like an idiot, if you ask it I'll answer it. --------- They call him the shaman of love. When your man's away, when you want to play. He can give you what you want, kisses you've been dreaming of, that's why they call him, they call him the shaman of love.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Look who's back finally

Well it been far too long ladies so here we go the shaman of love is back. As summer begins to heat up across America I have some questions and concerns that have been perplexing to women all across the world. These questions are from tracking that has been done as to how the ladies got to the spot of the shaman of love. Now on with the individual questions:

1) “Learn how to make your man love your grind dancing”- All I can say about this questions that if you man does not love your grind dancing he may possibly be into dudes. Even a girl doing a little grind dancing is a good thing to most dudes.

2)why do guys love fishnet? I think there is something in male DNA that causes us to like fishnets. Do note though that they do not look good on every lady, know which group you fit into.

3) Pedicure do's and don'ts- Simple. Just get one and keep up with it. A lady can be a perfect 10 but if her dogs are barking it’s a like a dent on a Ferrari. When buying new shoes most importantly make sure that your toes aren’t hanging over the end of the shoe because there’s no way that is right. A manicure almost holds the same importance but not as much because we understand that working women have a hard time keeping the nails in good shape. Just take care of your hands and feet and everything will be okay.

4) Tanning beds do's and don'ts- Please don’t over do it plain and simple. Fake tans are easy to spot. A little tannish glow just don’t over bake. Learn your personal limit and don’t go over it.

5) bikini top with jeans-Never really understood this look unless you are trying to be cast in a 50 Cent video. Seems that if its nice enough to wear a bikini top why would you wear pants instead of shorts?

6) why don’t females wear pantyhose in Miami- I’m guessing because its too hot and pantyhose just make it hotter. There’s no doubt a lot of ladies down there that can pull of the deal without pantyhose so why wear them if you don’t have to?

7) boyfriend has wondering eye- Simple dump him. If he has a wondering eye he must not be into you that much so to save yourself any further pain just cut your losses now. Remember if he isn’t treating you right there’s no doubt someone out there who will, I guarantee it.

8) dumping too much perfume on yourself stories- Perfume should be applied in such a manner where not everyone in a 6 foot radius can smell it on you. Your perfume scent should be like a little present for a special someone gets in your personal space. In a nutshell don’t go nuts with the perfume.

9) what can you do if you get dumped and still love the guy? Just get over the guy, sure it may take time and its hard to move on because of the time you spent but there’s always someone better out there.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Montana is uh hmmm very empty?

Got back yesterday from the visit out to Montana to see on of my college buddies. Not a lot to do out there I'm gonna say, he seems to like it for whatever reason. I get back and I notice I have all these $1 in my wallet and every time I have more than a few singles in my wallet I feel as if I should be giving them to a lady in satin and high heeled shoes.....who happens to be saving up to go to medical school of course......and there should be music with a lot of bass in it playing too.

Well looks like the shaman is without any queires on relationship matters so until then I will just fill up the world with a smile and wait for questions and maybe the occassional though provoking entry. Take care of yourself and if your man is not taking good care of you The Shaman says there is someone else who will.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another satisifed customer of the Shaman

Anonymous said...
OMG!!!! Shaman, you were so right! After my 10 best friends told me to dump "Scraps" he totally asked out some loser girl he was checking out a few days earlier! I am so glad I dumped him cause when I went to my friends party, I totally hooked up with a cute guy who is totally into me. "Scraps" was so checking me out when I was talking to my new boyfriend and I didn't care cause this new guy doesn't have a "wondering eye". Thank you Shaman!!!

Glad to hear that everything worked out after the Shaman left you his insight. Remember you're a young girl and there are plenty of dudes out there. Take care of yourself.

I'll be leaving Miami to visit a friend of mine from college in, believe it or not, Montana over the weekend. I'll be in Miami until Thursday afternoon and coming back on Monday afternoon. If you have any questions for the Shaman between now and then feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you. Ladies remember above everything if your man is not taking good care of you The Shaman says there is someone else who will.

Friday, February 17, 2006

It's answer time now......

Welcome ladies The Shaman has been busying getting the weekend in order down here in lovely Miami Florida. It’s going to be a balmy 80 degrees this weekend, while a large number of my old fellow ISU alums freeze, up in the Midwest. Ahh life is good, well for me at least it is. Now I guess on to the various queries and questions that plague the masses.

Question 1:
Anonymous said...
Can you please tell me why my boyfriend has an obsession with midget porn? I mean, it's a little much when there are magazines, dvd's and websites everywhere I turn. I really don't like porn at all but "midget porn" makes it all the worse. How can I steer him away from the "naked oompas"?
Tall and Lovely

This question really comes down to a problem that women have had with men for many many years. Men just like to see women in the buff that’s all, and usually its women that are different from whoever they are currently with. Its sort of like a United Nations approach for a lot of guys as to see as many different types of women in various stages of undress as they can. If it really makes you upset mention it to him and he should listen since you’re his lady. As for the midget part I may suggest spending more time on your knees around the house. Hope all goes well with you Tall and Lovely.

And this next question was sent in and a follow up because someone thought I wasn’t responding quickly enough…

Anonymous said...
Mr. Daniels,

Finally, a place where I can get my questions answered from a real man. Thank you.

I recently hooked up with this guy who we'll call "Scraps". We go to high school together and some friends of mine put us together. He's really cute and drives his parent's Mercedes to school. Anyway, we have been together for a few weeks and every time we are together, either at the mall or at school, he is always checking out other girls. Not even really pretty girls, just like normal girls. I try to get his attention by turning his head towards me or by wearing tight shirts but his eyes still wander to other females.

What is up with that?

Anonymous said...
Hey Shaman, it's "Scraps" girlfriend again. Just wondering when you will answer my question I sent you yesterday. My friends are telling me to dump him but I am waiting to see what you have to say. Do you always take this long to get back to people? High school reputations are at stake here. Plus, if you tell me to dump him, then this other guy I fooled around with a few weeks ago might want to go with me to a party my girlfriend is having.

Get back to me, huh?

Well you’re in high school and your boyfriend is checking out other chicks when you are at the mall. Let me tell you dudes in high school are like perpetual horn dogs, its part of nature. If he is checking out other chicks he’s got a sneaking eye and if you really like him keep track of him but not too much. I would say dump the guy because he obviously is focused elsewhere and after all its high school. Just remember this in the grand scheme of things high school and its social cliques and status aren’t as big of a deal in the big picture anyway. I say move on and take care of yourself there’s a lot of bad influences and guys with bad intentions out there. As an aside to the story any kid who drives his parents Mercedes to school gives me douche chills.

Speaking of douche chills on to our next letter….

Anonymous said...
What do you think about the guy that gives you nothing for valentine's day and then apologizes the next day for the lack of effort? Admittedly you are his first valentine...

If there was a list I did for guys do’s and don’ts “Respect Valentine’s Day” would be towards the top of the list. A little token of your appreciation of your Valentine goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be some huge grand presentation as it is the thought that counts. Right about now I’m thinking that we are about done here.

Take care of yourself and sometime I will return for more answers to your queries. I’m working with my web guy Gus to get my self help book manuscript put together to hunt for a publisher. If you can help out Kane let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon. That is all for now, and remember,

If your man is not taking good care of you The Shaman says there is someone else who will.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post Valentine’s Day wrap-up

I’ve seen many Valentine’s Day come and go and I’ve really seen some things. Here are just 5 short observations from this year:

1) Nothing is sadder than a girl who buys flowers for herself and has them delivered to her at the office. Don’t laugh it happens.

2) Guys who don’t understand how important ladies past a certain age consider the day to be. Think of it this way February 14th is the female equivalent to Super Bowl Sunday

3) Please whatever you do guys don’t ask your lady to marry you on Valentine’s Day its even more of a hack move than asking her to on Christmas.

4) Flowers are to be given year round not just on February 14th, get with the program.

5) The gift of lingerie is not a gift for her when you really think about it, it’s a gift for you. Get her something else.

Just a few tips for next February 14th guys.

Feel free to email any of your questions about love in general. I’m a male version of Dear Abby. I’m Kane Daniels and you’re not.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Do's and Don'ts List

Here's a list of various "Do's and Don'ts" that are a pretty good idea for women to follow. Most them are pretty simple and we're compiled by the Kane Daniels team.

1. Don't do the lip outline
2. Don't do the pencil eyebrows
3. Don't spend all your free time (or make it appears as you do) at the tanning salon
4. Do know where Victoria's Secret is
5. Don't always wear the granny panties
6. Don't think you need to always cook dinner just because you are the woman
7. Don't put up with guy's crap.
8. Do make sure when wearing a nice evening gown that your bra straps aren't showing.
9. Do shave your legs from the bottom of your leg all the way up to the top of your thigh.
10. Don't wear fishnet stockings except you are wearing silk undergarments for your significant other or its for a Halloween party.
11. Do use lotion regularly on all parts of the body.
12. Do wash your stank feet after wearing pumps all day.
13. Do keep a small bottle of water based "lubricating" gel in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. (2 oz or less, packets acceptable)
14. Don't smoke. No matter how hot you are don't smoke.
15. Do carry minty fresh chewing gum in the console of your car for fresh breath at anytime.
16. Do sing & dance in the car.
17. Do learn how to do the basic "hot girl" grind dance moves. This will pay you back ten fold. 18. Don't wear a bikini top with jeans.
19. Do pick up the check on occasion. Not just at McDonald's.
20. Do learn to make your significant others favorite meal.
21. Do learn how to throw a punch or a strategically placed kick.
22. Don't talk about your doctors visits in detail to the general public.
23. Do maintain your outgrowth when dyed.
24. Do use flavored lip-gloss.
25. Do own a few pairs of quality high heeled shoes.
26. Do purchase pantyhose on a regular basis.
27. Do schedule a manicure and pedicure once a month. Also maintain hands and feet in between salon visits.
28.Do know how much perfume to put on. If it can be smelt from more than an arms distance away from you its too much Your perfume should be like a little gift for the guy who pulls you in close to give you that little kiss on the neck not for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.
29. Do expect to get flowers from your guy every once in a while. I'm amazed by the number of ladies out there who have never received flowers from a guy.

Now ladies please feel free to send your most perplexing questions about the guys in your life and Kane Daniels will more than be happy to answer them. You can just email directly to Kane through the link on the profile or post them as a comment. All parties will remain anonymous.

Friday, January 27, 2006